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Trafalgar, IN

Experienced Professional Facilitators...

Experiential learning and leadership  training for any group.

We provide facilitated group courses, indoors and outside. Bring your group to us, or we can travel to you.

Introducing the new FFA Leadership Challenge Course!!

We have taken our belief in leadership building to a new level by investing in a brand new 33 element low ropes course. This course is professionally lead by the facilitation team from Blue Heron Challenge Course, who bring over 15 years' experience. This program can be held on-site with our 33 element course or portably at an alternate location. This unique process allows persons of all ages, abilities and disablilities to participate, benefit, and prove an asset to any group. This course is tailored to meet the goals and objectives identified by the group. Experiential learning is easily applied to groups such as:

  • Schools
  • Work
  • Athletic Teams
  • Family
  • Church
  • Social Groups

We promise to keep every individual physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually safe. For more information please contact us here. You may download our Indiana FFA Challenge Course Waiver here. For a list of items to bring, as well as a map or the area, please click here.

Please fill out this form to start booking your event. Once complete, email the form to Lori Meyers.

Programs Offered are:

  • Team challenge low ropes course
  • Indoor team challenge facilitated program
  • Outdoor team challenge facilitated program


Initiative/Element of the Month

Fishin Mission








How hard can it be to hook objects onto a block of wood?  Well if its just you and one hook it is not too difficult.  But can you accomplish it when there are 10-15 people in your group and your mission is to pick up 2-3 objects using leads attached to the block?  Oh, and you are all 10 feet away from the block?  If that comes easy enough we can challenge you by having you work around corners or other obstacles. 

If your curious about how your group would work together to accomplish such a feat our professional facilitators would love to work with you.  Come check us out at the FFA Leadership Center Challenge Course or we can come to you.  We promise it will be fun and well… interesting!


Upcoming Training‍‍‍


Upcoming Training

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